Ten Degrees of Reckoning

This is the true story of a family who fulfilled their lifelong dream…only to have it evolve into everyone’s worst nightmare.

It takes courage, commitment, passion, and patience to embrace life fully.  The Sleavin family, two adults and their two children, possessed those qualities, and realized their dream to sail around the world in their 47-foot boat, the Melinda Lee. They experienced indescribable beauty, rewarding challenges, deep and meaningful encounters, and a wholly shared understanding of the world and of one another during their meticulously planned and crafted out-of-the ordinary family adventure. 

Three years into the circumnavigation, not far from the shores of New Zealand, a ship, thousands of tons of steel, loaded with thousands of tons of timber, altered its course by a mere ten degrees, and everything changed. Every, single, thing.

This is not a book about sailing, although life at sea is re-created with insight and familiarity. This is a universal tale about love and loss, humanity and inhumanity. This is a story that compels the reader to question and examine one’s own behavior when circumstances alter the way we live. This is a story about facing our fears and striving to embrace life, every day.


Reader Comments:

“Like 'The Perfect Storm' or 'Into Thin Air,' this book not only allows the reader to be an eyewitness to a horrific disaster, but also creates a vivid and personal portrait of a family that followed their dream to live life to the fullest.”

“This book is so captivating I read it page by page throughout the night.  My eyes were burning, but I couldn't stop reading.  The author has told a masterful saga of family love, living intentionally, and how to struggle with the uphill battles of our lives.”

“What a story, and told with such factual and emotional authenticity.”

“The author has transported us to another place, one we should know about, since the oceans cover three-quarters of the Earth. I learned so much.”

“I am in awe of the passion of the characters in this story, and of the passion of the author herself.”

“Because of the subject matter, I wondered if it would be difficult to read, but it was impossible to put the book down.”




© H. Rumberg 2009